Yes. I do eat all the time. Brunch last week. Dinner this week.

Thank goodness for travelling authors, who come and bring excitement in the midst of getting on wrong trains and talking in schools and all that.

As I mentioned before, Teri Terry has come to Stirling for its book festival, and she wasn’t too tired to agree to dinner last night with the local witch. She also introduced me to author Moira Mcpartlin, who was kind enough to drive us to a very nice restaurant that she had chosen (I don’t go much past Pizza Express), so the Resident IT Consultant was not needed, and it was all civilised.

I felt almost like a grown-up.

We talked about Teri’s new book Contagion, which is partly set in Killin and Callander, and that is why she returned to the same school as on her last visit. (Maybe she kills someone off?) I will be able to tell you more once I’ve read the book. So for now we will leave the idea of Contagion somewhere not too far from here and hope all will be well. Well-ish, at least.

But somewhere between my cauliflower starter and the main course I ended up signing a non-disclosure form, so I’m terribly sorry but I can’t tell you a thing.

Actually, I’m not sorry. But it seemed politer to say I am.

So, lots of lovely gossip. But I’m old and it has already been forgotten, even without the form.

Although, it might be OK if I mention the mould. In places where it shouldn’t be. And places with no taxi ranks. Which is not true of Bathgate, which does have one.

It also seems that Moira had heard of me. I expect it was nothing good, but I’ll take all the fame I can get.


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