Finding home

It certainly takes the glamour out of being a refugee. Kate Milner’s picture book My name is not Refugee, tells the story of a mother who prepares her young child for leaving.

Kate Milner, My Name is not Refugee

She takes him through the various steps of what will have to happen; leaving your things, and your cat, behind. Living without running water, surrounded by rubbish. Being alone, or being with too many people close up. Eating strange food and sleeping in strange places.

And maybe finding somewhere in the end where you can be safe. Some place where you will eventually learn to understand the language, and maybe make new friends. Another cat.

In The Road Home by Katie Cotton, and illustrated by Sarah Jacoby, we meet a young hare and his parent. They are also trying to get home, and the way home takes them through beautiful and strange landscapes, past many other animals, friendly and not so friendly.

It’s different from the human trek, but maybe not so different after all. We want the same thing in the end.

‘For safety is a precious place, a place to call our own. This road is hard, this road is long, this road that leads us home.’

Two beautiful books.

Katie Cotton and Sarah Jacoby, The Road Home

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