It was when Son mentioned Nepalese food the other day, that I thought of the only time I had to drop out of an interview. Twice. And it still hasn’t happened, which is mostly my fault. First because I didn’t arrange a trip specially to go and see this author, and second for moving further away, making it harder to do.

At the time I assumed that we’d soon meet up again, in an organic sort of way, because authors are always doing events. This is someone I have admired a lot, and who was one of my top names when Bookwitch was born. Which is why I arranged the interview date to begin with. And the second one.

But I was wrong about one thing. Authors don’t keep putting out new books for us to read, review and go to events for. Not because they don’t write, I think. Because somehow the publishers move on.

Never mind that X has a dozen, or 75, books under his or her belt. Publishers move on to new stars. That’s clearly fine, as long as the new people are good writers, and as long as the already established ones also get their books out there.

I believe that’s what happened in this case. This author, despite me being such a fan, has not published anything since. That’s not to say I can’t do an interview. I can. But the easy way you end up in the same place because of a new event for new book has gone.

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