The freebie

There is nothing quite like a free bag. Or book. Both, even.

The Resident IT Consultant should be jaded by now, but he still brought home this cloth bag with a copy of The Scotsman and the crime novel A White Arrest by Ken Bruen. And, erm, various edibles, including a sachet of porridge oats…

Now me, I have cloth bags coming out of my ears, closely followed by novels. Not so much porridge. I’m more of a yoghurt girl.

So he was terribly pleased with his loot. The Resident IT Consultant is now back to eating porridge for breakfast like a proper Scotsman. He decided to take them up on the newspaper deal as well, so somewhat to my horror we are reading what seems to me to be a rather conservative newspaper. But it’s got Scottish news, he says. Unlike the Guardian.

We are probably not going to read the Bruen novel. A short story in my past taught me Ken is a little noirer than I feel comfortable with. But at least I’d heard of him, unlike the porridge eater.

I wonder how the deals for this kind of freebie works? This book is pretty old, so maybe they shared costs, both in the hope of selling more. More Scotsman, more Irish Noir. And more porridge. Can’t remember if there was shortbread as well.

Good value for £1. And I think that was the bag Daughter passed on to a friend, who was happier about the bag than anyone ought to be. But why not?

(It worked on me, all those years ago, with a free Ann Granger novel. Changed my life and all that.)

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