We might have moaned a little, the other day, about the state of the publishing world. Whether there is actually less money to spend, or not, I don’t know. It looks like it, but it could be as in politics; the money is available if someone deems it necessary.

In the beginning of Bookwitch we came across a number of authors who were chauffeur-driven to events. They, their publicist, and the chauffeur. At least. And I assume all needed a bed for the night for each night away. And food.

One author in particular illustrates the ‘decline’ in publishing funds. I won’t name names.

The first time we met, the scenario was as described above. A couple of years later the author was still being driven, but by the publicist, in her own car. So almost as much comfort for the visitor, but twice the work for the publicist.

Third time the author was on their own, but presumably allowed to hail a taxi, unless given a lift by the local rep in some places. The next few times I reckon he/she made their own way everywhere, without being met or looked after by anyone.

Nothing wrong with that. Authors are adults.

But it’s noteworthy.

And let’s hope not everyone has the experience like the one I heard this week. Author making his/her way to a school, on foot, having googled the way there, only to find the school boarded up, having moved some time ago. And school staff cheerfully saying when he/she finally found the school, that yes, ‘many of their authors have had the same experience…’


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