Picture this!

Or not, as the case may be.

I’m having problems with pictures. And not just one problem, but in lots of various little ways.

The most recent one was with Flickr, when the holiday [lack of] wifi logged me out and wouldn’t let me in again. So there I was, with photos to use and no means of putting them on Bookwitch. And when eventually the Resident IT Consultant ‘had a look’ we discovered Flickr has moved on a bit, and there is now a new way of doing things.

How was I to know?

Being lazy, I often go out/away with only my mobile phone. And I have just about learned how to get a picture off the phone onto the computer, even without using the longwinded, roundabout route I once worked out. But now when I try to edit or crop the mobile photos on the computer, it plays tricks on me. It chops them up and puts them on top of the original, in some kind of patchwork style horror. It also refuses to let me go back to the original, so one can have plenty of fun reimporting the same image over and over, until I give up and use the picture warts and all.

And then there is my Paretsky issue. I call it that, as many of the photos in Photos (the latter is the Apple name for where you might store your pictures) have disappeared, and it’s the time of Sara Paretsky’s most recent visit to Scotland that seems to be the dividing line.

The missing photos in Photos

(You can see where I have cropped and changed the shape of the photos. Even if they are not there…) (And here you can see how I used them two years ago.)

After her event, photos look really crazy. They are either gone, or there, but not there. If you know what I mean. The problem arose in winter when I changed computers. The versions of the two Photos is wildly different, and is presumably the reason for the craziness.

But so far no one has been able to cure it. And the more I go back to older photos (by which I mean a few years) they disappear as I look at them. Even when I see them and try to export them, my computer tells me it can’t do that because there is nothing there.

Last time I simply took a screen grab of the non-existent photo and used that instead, but I would like things to be solved.

The Resident IT Consultant has had a few goes, as have Son and Daughter. Apple no longer seem to employ Geniuses in their shops, even if they are called that, so I suspect going to the Genius bar is not an option. One that would work, I mean.

Muppets go to Kilsyth

The above photo does not exist.

The failed photo export from Photos


I’m not crazy. I’m not.


2 responses to “Picture this!

  1. Penny Dolan

    Huge sympathies! Such a frustrating situation, especially the disappearing images, which must feel like a violation of your past experiences.. “Only photos” they maybe but sometimes photos matter – when they’re work-related or similar – or when they really matter, eg. when the photos capture an unrepeatable family moment or person. imo, The Geniuses probably disappeared for fear of the wrath of all the pictureless customers.

  2. I think they are still called Geniuses. It’s just that their abilities are not so great. The real Geniuses probably got better jobs somewhere else.

    I still hanker after Paul. I think he was called Paul. He was my occasional Apple tutor, the first year after I got my first laptop. He taught me some basic but very valuable things. He’s probably also doing something better these days.

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