A Story Like the Wind

The tears threatened to come by the third page. Gill Lewis’s A Story Like the Wind is that kind of book.

Gill Lewis and Jo Weaver, A Story Like the Wind

It is unlike Gill’s other books, but just as good, or better. This is a shorter story, illustrated by Jo Weaver, set in a small boat filled with refugees. Because there are only eight people – and a dog – in the boat, we feel as if we get to meet each of them properly, even if not many words are used.

The main character is the boy called Rami, who has nothing left but his violin. With the help of the instrument he tells the others a story. It’s a story from the past, about a wild horse, and it makes everyone in that tiny boat see their own story. And they learn what they have in common.

This is so beautiful. And at the same time, there should never have to be a need for books and stories like this one. Refugees shouldn’t ever have to risk everything to travel somewhere else, having paid a fortune without even being sure they will arrive safely or be allowed to stay.


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