Fairing on

I’m quite impressed by Therese Loreskär. And this isn’t something that happens all that often. When I first encountered Therese she was being featured in my holiday newspaper Hallandsposten, as someone from my holiday place, who lived in Cambridge, and who’d written a novel about a blogger.

A couple of years later and we met, at the holiday campsite, where they had decided to hold a small book fair one Saturday, and had invited all local-ish authors they could find. Therese was one of them, and by then she had written a whole pile of short children’s books as well. She gave me her blogger novel to read, which I did.

Another year and another campsite book fair, but this time I believe organised by Therese, who had moved ‘back home’ and presumably wanted something to do.

And so to this year. This week, in fact. On Saturday the third Haverdals Bokmässa is happening, and yet again it’s Therese who is making it happen. I’m not saying Swedes are lazy, but they are more laidback, and this whole book fairing thing feels somewhat Cambridge-inspired to me.

But whatever it is, I think it’s great that Therese works so hard and that people are interested in coming. I can see that for the campsite it’s a business venture, getting those who are not campers to come. But they could have gone for an ice cream festival if they’d wanted to. They have even cooperated with Therese Loreskär on a new book, set on and around the campsite.

Therese wrote the story, Karin Eklund illustrated it and the campsite organised the printing of the book, and will now be selling it to their guests. And you know, wouldn’t you want to buy a book for your child, set in the actual place you are holidaying? It’s a great idea.

This year they are suggesting people come early to the talk by Ulrika Larsson from the bookshop in town, as it was ‘sold out’ last year. Imagine that!


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