Are we sitting comfortably?

If you recall, I was a bit snarky a few days ago about the idea of reading in the park.

But when I discussed it with the Resident IT Consultant, he asked if perhaps younger people today don’t actually have an armchair to read in. Unlike me. I have at least two. (I don’t use them at the same time.)

Rooms are smaller today, in many cases. Homes are definitely smaller, especially for young people. And some of them have to stay living with their parents for longer than anyone would choose to do. Maybe they can’t have their own chair in a ‘shared’ house.

And in that case, popping out to sit in the park might be quite attractive. Obviously not at night, in winter or when it rains, but sometimes.

I know that some years ago I was ready to scream when I entered one of my shared and public rooms, seeking solitude, only to find someone already in there. And in the next room. It felt as if I was the only one not with somewhere to call my own.

Now, even though she doesn’t live permanently with us, I am under some obligation to provide Daughter with an armchair. One for her alone. (Unless she’s not here, of course.) It’s become my most recent ‘Freaky Friday’ agreement gone wrong, but I am working on it.

And no, she can’t have one of mine.


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