Back seat

You might recall that I used to have author calendars. Really narrow ones. The calendars, not narrow authors.

I no longer do, as I don’t have that super-narrow wall that required them. And I ran out of time to organise the author photos.

Anyway. I was puzzled to find Melvin Burgess on the back seat of our car. But I left him there, having decided that no doubt the Resident IT Consultant had a good reason for keeping him somewhere handy.

But when Daughter arrived, she seemed to want to know why she was sitting next to Melvin, so she flipped him. (Sorry!) And I discovered it had been my fault all along.

Melvin was advertising Bookwitch. That day when the Resident IT Consultant was put to use as a taxi driver for my lunching authors, I told him he had to have a sign on the windscreen, so they would know his was the car to jump into, out of the rain. (You can’t park very easily outside, so he couldn’t do that taxi driver thing and stand and wave his sign in the station entrance.)

I like the fact that my authors are so versatile and forever useful. First they write books. Then they allow themselves to be photographed, after which they can serve as a kitchen calendar, and after that they are good for shopping lists and Bookwitch signs and anything else I can think of.

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