Pillowing our holiday books

As the trend towards cabin luggage only grows, I am going in the opposite direction. I take a suitcase, and the Resident IT Consultant takes a suitcase. And we put books in them, and fill the gaps with a pillow or two.

We have some seriously well-travelled pillows.

Back in the more olden days, when Offspring were with us, I used to carefully choose books we could all read, or very nearly. That way we got away with maybe two books per person. And we went to the library when away, in case we needed to, or simply felt like it.

These days there are two of us and I try and save some especially good books in the run-up to any trip; ones that I think the Resident IT Consultant will also enjoy. The purpose is to prevent him from taking loads of books for himself.

This time round I stopped counting the books, and took what I felt like, which means I stand no chance of getting through them. But at least we will have a choice. And considering the Resident IT Consultant reads so damned fast, it could – almost – be enough for him. If we allow for the ones he picked himself as well.

And, actually, I am seriously contemplating going into a bookshop and buying a book or two. Yes, in the ‘wrong’ language, and paying actual money. If they have what I believe I want.


2 responses to “Pillowing our holiday books

  1. Suitcases of books – much better than kindle.Martha & I used to do the same – minus the pillows

  2. What we really need is a size suitcase between the ones we already have. Then perhaps the pillows could stop travelling.

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