Books that loom

One of the things about going away is getting back into some semblance of everyday order on your return. I take ages getting unpacked, and longer still putting the stuff where it belongs.

And one of the things about long periods of book events such as festivals is trying to keep general household chores under control. If it’s for one day, then I can ‘do it tomorrow.’ But a couple of weeks of being out take their toll.

Both during my away and my bookfest the books kept coming. They did get unpacked from their jiffybags and cardboard boxes, because if they hadn’t there’d be no bed for me to sleep in, and I’m addicted to sleeping once every 24 hours.

So I put them in an increasingly tottering pile on a stool which was only ever designed for one book at the most. And the books I took to or from the book festival got put on my armchair, where they stayed.

When the new arrivals kept coming, and the first stool looked like it couldn’t cope any longer, the later books ended up on the only other surface still free. The laundry basket. A Lloyd Loom laundry basket, but still not intended for books.

The books were fine there, except when laundry wanted to be put in its rightful place.

I believe a major overhaul is needed.

Although, now that Daughter has left, that means another bed where I could put a few books…

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