The Warrior in the Mist

When your future is threatened by the fracking about to be let lose on the land where you live, the obvious thing is to look for the tomb of Boudicca, in the hopes that finding it will stop the drilling. It’s the kind of thing one would expect from the kind of teenagers Ruth Eastham puts in her books, and The Warrior in the Mist is no exception.

Ruth Eastham, The Warrior in the Mist

If not stopped, then Aidan will have to move away, and ‘his’ beloved horse Centurion will most likely be sold, which would be another loss after the death of his mother.

What I like in Ruth’s stories is that the young people who end up doing what they have to do, are so nice. By which I mean there is none of the hostile quarrels or scheming that so often goes with groups of teenagers. These young people simply get on with what has to be done. And in this book it’s finding Boudicca and her two daughters.

Can’t be too hard, can it?

It seems that Aidan and Emmi and Jon have paid attention in school, as they at least know what to look for.

Is Boudicca fashionable? I ask, because I sense I have come across her more frequently in the last year or so. Or maybe she’s always been a good historical character to put in your story.

As always, it pays to be wary of people. You just never know who will be the bad guy. And having your own drone is really quite useful.


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