More Moomin mugs

How time passes…

You will remember the Aarhus 39 story collections. Yes, you will. In the younger one there was a rather lovely story by Ævar Þór Benediktsson called The Great Book Escape, in which a dedicated librarian discovers that all the books in her library have disappeared. She reacts as any sensible librarian would do by dropping her favourite mug. It’s a Moomin mug. Obviously.

Some pages later, after looking into this dreadful state of things, ‘she sighed deeply and took a gulp from a different Moomin mug (anyone who owns one Moomin mug owns at least three).’ And then she knew what to do.

That statement about owning more than one Moomin mug, is so true. And yet not.

In a blog nine years ago I wrote about School Friend and her thirteen mugs. I’m surprised, but relieved, that it was as long ago as that, because I’d been wondering how I was going to explain away her current number of Moomin mugs, which is too great for me to even know, other than that her cupboards are brimming over. (I believe she’s a bit touched.)

But I only have one Moomin mug, so don’t fit the pattern of multiple Moomin possessions. I’m quite happy with the one, but now fear a situation such as our librarian experienced.

I admitted this pitiful state of affairs to Daniel Hahn last month, as he is the editor of the Aarhus 39 collection. And actually, it seems that he was in an identical position until quite recently, and happened to mention this to Ævar, and was duly presented with a second mug when they met.

Danny can now afford to drop one.

Moomin mugs

8 responses to “More Moomin mugs

  1. I cower with the shame of not knowing that such things as Moomin mugs even existed. How will I ever hold my head up again?

  2. I am appalled, CS. I think the only way out of this sorry state is an immediate shopping spree.
    I don’t suppose you will find it useful to be told of the outlet School Friend’s sister-in-law told me about in June? It’s in Sweden.
    Never mind. Just get them full price.
    If you have any men who need gifts, there are Moomin ties, I believe. (
    Although that is a very sexist remark. I apologise.

  3. Hmm. I used to have two but one has disappeared – not even dropped, to my knowledge. Somewhere lurking in someone’s room, I imagine. I didn’t dare use Danny’s Moomin mug when I was at his, just in case. Glad there is now a spare!

  4. Maybe. But the most important thing is not going to someone’s house and dropping the £7K mug. I checked carefully before having any more tea at my friend’s house. Even loading the dishwasher becomes fraught.

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