RSI, and a little PP

I’m going to have to slow down, even more. Sorry.

Don’t know where the RSI came from this time, but it’s getting worse, not better. Really short blog posts might have to be the solution.

I can tell you about my dream the other night. I was at a launch event for The Book of Dust, in Oxford, in a really crummy, old theatre. Apparently David Fickling had found it for some other event and decided it would work well for Philip Pullman, too. Luckily I got a seat, because it turned out all the other people were queueing outside, as you were supposed to…

And now I’ll go and make some bread. And nail a stuffed elk’s head to the corner of our old kitchen sink. Because it’s typing I can’t do. Other work is fine.

Unfortunately, or I’d be reading all day long.

4 responses to “RSI, and a little PP

  1. Voice recognition software? I’ve started using it, it’s like magic!

    • Funny you should say that. As I wrote this I was thinking of Terry Pratchett and his tech solutions.
      Do you use a [separate] mouse? Because I believe that’s where half my trouble stems from.

  2. I assume the crummy old theatre was really full of Dust? Sorry!

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