Speaking out

As you may have suspected, some of my blog posts are written in advance, for various reasons. After I’d written the ‘less nice one’ a week or so ago, I woke up the following morning and thought, ‘what have I done? I must take it down, or amend it!’

But as I had breakfast I found myself mulling over the latest Hollywood scandal, and muttering things like ‘Meryl Streep ought to have said something much earlier.’ And I thought about my gut instinct that this sort of thing can only be dealt with if people gang up and act together, a little bit 9 to 5, if you like. And humour is always good. I recalled the aspie non-fiction book I often hark back to in my mind, where the devoted mother helped her bullied young aspie son get revenge on his bully, by carefully orchestrating a script, which used humour to deflate his opponent.

After which thought, I returned to my long ago shame that I didn’t stand up for Son, who was the main victim in this business I mentioned. The Resident IT Consultant was in it too, but he can look after himself. Well, so can Son, but he’s my child and as his mother it was my duty to do what I didn’t do right then. Because I believed people could behave like adults.

So here I am, having taken nothing down, instead adding to it.

Because I could have, should have, been Meryl Streep. In a manner of speaking.

You have probably worked out I’m talking about the book world. And some of the stars of that world were bullied by the people I mentioned. Some to an extent they felt really quite unwell. But ‘the show must go on.’ People have a living to make.

It wasn’t only the stars that suffered. It was people working in related roles to do with what the book business does. The things I found out, when they’d ascertained I wasn’t with the other side! Someone soldiered on with her job, because she had to. Another said quite tartly that yes, she had had dealings with X and knew how to handle him/her. Yet another person, someone I’d felt was very collected and cool and no pushover, had asked to be moved somewhere else.

Then there are those who have been less affected, while noticing what things were like. The kind who sighs or smiles and says ‘well, you know what Great Aunt Gertrude is like…’

It’s easy to say that I’m reading the wrong thing into these types of comments, which is why I was heartened to personally meet a star who had never met these people and didn’t know about my own problems. In a separate discussion, geographically far removed from it all, apparently the gathered stars had ended up talking about this business. And they have a nickname for X; one that is both simple and oh, so apt.

We are all Meryl Streep.

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  1. I was referring to this. In case you hadn’t worked that out.

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