By now you all speak ‘Hygge’ don’t you? Sometimes used correctly, sometimes not. But you know about the Danish hygge. I was quite pleased when it appeared in the media, because finally, after all these years, the Resident IT Consultant understood what he’d had to put up with for so long. It made sense. I mean, I made sense.

That’s all in the past, however. Now it’s about lagom, which is a very lagom kind of word. Not too much, not too little. Just right. Goldilocks, really.

The most recent copy of the church newsletter from the Swedish church in London contained an interview with two Swedes who, separately from each other, had both written books about Lagom. The interviewer joked and said she felt that was lagom. Maybe.

When the Resident IT Consultant returned from the library the other week, he was also bearing a Lagom book. Not one of the ones I’d read about. Seems there is no end to how lagom you can be with books about lagom.

Lola A Åkerström, Lagom

This third one, by Lola A Åkerström, contains very attractive photographs. Not sure they are terribly lagom in any sense, but never mind.

And I’m not sure that lagom is a topic suitable to be written about by non-Swedes. The other two were, whereas Lola has arrived in Sweden from Nigeria via the US and Oxford.

Nothing wrong with that, but as the Resident IT Consultant remarked, he felt that some of her comments about life in Sweden would also be true of many other European countries. And if you come from outside that area, you might not know.

A book on lagom might be more lagom if coming from a Swede. But the photos are certainly attractive to look at, and definitely more than lagom.

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