Painting and drawing can be therapeutic. Or so I believe. Not that I would know, as I can’t do those things [well enough for the therapeutic-ness to kick in]. And someone on social media has been painting her way round some book tours recently, posting one picture after the other for the rest of us to see.

Hoping it might eventually lead to a change of ownership, some of us tried to lay claim to ones we particularly loved. But you know, in some cases others got there first.

So [let’s call her] Tally isn’t just an author who authors extremely well. But she can paint too! She’s not the only one, either, and that’s not counting those people I know who make a living from both words and pictures.

Finally, a couple of days ago, Tally said we needed to take these paintings off her hands, and then the fighting began. I was awake early enough, but needed breakfast before engaging in online art war, and that’s when ‘some business’ happened.

But later in the day I caught [let’s call her] Kaye saying she wanted the one I wanted, so I said it was ‘mine, actually’ and she said ‘damn’ and then we went to bed. Separately, I hasten to add.

Woke up the next day to find shopkeeper Tally reminding me that Kaye ‘is pretty nifty with a sword.’ As if I needed reminding. I obviously said Kaye could have the painting. Just to be nice, not because the sword worried me. At all.

And you know, I could see it in my mind. The Western style bar, Tally leaning back nonchalantly in her chair, legs resting on the table in front of her, chewing on a toothpick, watching me and Kaye. Possibly twirling her gun, if she had a gun.

I mean, personally I feel she should have sold those paintings as quickly as possible, and none of this baiting the customers… but then Kaye said she’d have a puffin instead, putting her sword away, before I even got my broomstick ready.

Ah, well, one lives (hopefully) and learns.

But don’t you just hate it when some people are multi-talented?

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