My literary clematis

I must have forgotten to make it public that I kill any clematis in my possession. I love them, but I don’t have clematis-fingers. The lovely clematis I got for my 50th didn’t even last a year.

So, last June when I hosted my inaugural Ladies Literary Lunch, my guests brought me [far too] many gifts. But never mind that now. In amongst the bunches of flowers and bottles and boxes of chocolates, there arrived a clematis.

It was on offer from Lidl; two for £3. I immediately admired this guest for knowing to buy something that would (might) last, and to have been frugal about it. We buy a lot of plants from Lidl ourselves. I just despaired a little because I knew it was not long for this world.

The next day I guided the Resident IT Consultant outside and told him to dig.

I watered and hoped for the best.

And, this spring it flowered. For such a small plant, it bore some enormous flowers. Purple. My favourite.

And then, well, I don’t know how to tell you this. It started flowering again. So now, it is November, and cold, and a bit dismal, but there are new purple flowers, right next to the front door, doing surprisingly well.

I just don’t know what I should do. Pray?

And, I even think I know who gave it to me. (Remember, there were a lot of people arriving bearing gifts.) I am pretty certain my Lidl bargain buyer was the well-known author and illustrator of… She struck me as though she knows about gardening, so I am hoping she has magical powers, making this flower-fest possible.

LLL clematis


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