10 10 10

On this tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year of Bookwitch, I realise I’ve already been doing a lot of musing and looking back, and I keep telling you – even though no one asked for it – about all the good things the witchy work has brought me.

I appreciate all the comments you leave, offering some valuable thoughts that I have needed to hear.

There’s Fabio Geda’s smile when we met. I don’t tend to expect such reactions.

Can’t forget the Mars bar Terry Pratchett was hoping for when we first met, and I had nothing to offer him.

When we moved house, one of my goals in the house hunting was to find a garden like Candy Gourlay’s. Preferably with a house with similar vibes, too. It’s good to know what one wants.

I discovered that – occasionally – I can conduct interviews. This is an odd thing for someone quiet and unsociable.

Bookwitching led to some blogging for the Guardian. I’d never have thought that could be possible. I mean, not even Hallandsposten wanted me.

I now have pendant lamps in our newly built room inspired by the Edinburgh book festival’s lights in Charlotte Square.

There’s been a lot of interesting travelling, and some quite unusual event venues have been visited.

I was able to ask Derek Landy to leave a comment for a fervent fan who desperately wanted to hear from him.

And I’d like to think that my exploits have had a beneficial effect on the Bookwitch family.

Charlotte Square

That’s it. Not very scientific.

7 responses to “10 10 10

  1. You have been a voice of reason too, and there are not many out there, in fact I can’t think of any.
    It’s been brilliant. Please keep going.

  2. I don’t comment often but I read faithfully. Always enlightening to get your unique perspective on things!

  3. Hey Ann, I was looking for one of your old blog articles and discovered that you’d mentioned me a few times and my Google Alert didn’t tell me! Sorry I missed them all. You will be interested to know that we’ve had some work done and my garden is somewhat changed. Hoping it’s still friendly. I bought some “festoon lights”. N, I’d never heard of them until I bought them.

  4. I’d like to think I mention you fairly frequently, Candy. My experience is that you miss a lot by relying on alerts like that.

    If you put some interesting people into your newly festooned garden, I am sure it will be good. I was especially impressed with the weather; balmy London evening in mid-September.

  5. Yes, the weather was excellent for September. It only took a few animal sacrifices and some cackling over cauldrons to arrange that.

  6. 😁 Here’s to more cackling.

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