Sold on space

It appears Son and Dodo are selling their flat. (Anyone want it?)

There has been pruning of possessions and tidying and cleaning, and a bit of the essential styling, because who would buy a dump?

The visiting estate agent gave handy tips (?) during their visit to check the place out. Now, Son is my son. Obviously. That means there are books in the flat. On shelves, I hasten to add. Billy, as befits his heritage.

The estate agent said that bookcases can look quite nice if only a few books are left on the shelves and there’s lots of empty space. I have a suspicion Son disagreed with her. Although I understand he could see the point of removing all the rest of their ‘crap’ in order to make the place look good.

No one is going to believe they have a whole wall of Billys to store half a dozen books in! They will know it has until recently been full.

And maybe that’s what happens in house magazines, too. I see far too many empty bookcases in all those beautiful rooms, and I think not very kind thoughts about the people living there. But maybe they have simply removed them for the photographer?

I’m beginning to see why we took months to sell the former Bookwitch Towers. It literally had books coming out of the woodwork.


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