Somewhere, through the rainbow

In the line of work, Daughter was listening in on a conference kind of event, on the other side of the world. I asked what it was about, and it seems it’s for another way of finding heavenly bodies up there in space.

For some inexplicable reason she wanted to explain in more detail. Maybe I appeared to have one of my ‘slightly intellectual’ moments.

So first she briefly mentioned what she normally does when hunting, which I knew about. Then she asked how far I’d got reading the book that the Resident IT Consultant bought for us, which is all about this kind of thing. I admitted to only a couple of chapters.

This was when Daughter mentioned spectrums and maybe even rainbows? And do you know what? It sounded awfully familiar, even to me. I had read it. In that book. It comes at the beginning, and my recent reading in the dentist’s waiting room had been on this very topic.

So I said that rainbows and the Doppler effect sounded pretty familiar, and I did ‘know’ about it.

Maybe I’m not as hopeless as I thought?


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