Here is a book about Space for the youngest readers. Well, the over-threes, anyway. It all depends on when someone might show an interest in space.

Heather Alexander’s new book with the usual fun illustrations by Andrés Lozano is like an advent calendar. There are so many doors to open. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know who wouldn’t be interested in ‘reading’ all those doors. What’s behind them, I mean.

Oops, I see they are lift-flaps, and there are 70 of them.

Heather Alexander and Andrés Lozano, Space

Deep questions, such as what is the universe, how did the universe begin and how old is it? Plenty of pictures of cheerful looking astronauts, although I must say I do not want to know what happens to their eyeballs in space. Read the book yourself, to find out.

Despite – or because of? – being aimed at such young readers, the pictures are very appealing. I especially like the heavy rocket launch one. And the telescope.

As you are an adult, you know what the difference between meteors and meteorites is, right? If not, this book can let you cheat, so that you will seem quite knowledgeable.

Was it one of them that killed the dinosaurs? And why isn’t poor Pluto a planet any more?


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