Baby feminist

Another purchase Daughter just had to make was the little box of four feminist board books. Yes, you read that right.

Little Feminist

Little Feminist Activists, Leaders, Pioneers, Artists. Four in each of the four books, which unlike the science books really are the expected tiny format for a baby’s board book.

The illustrations look similar to the older series of books on interesting women I’ve read, but they are not the same.

Little Feminist

So here we have [fairly] easily recognisable famous women; both recent and more historical. It’s not a case of lots of words, so the books should work simply on recognition of faces. The baby/small child will chew the book much as any other to begin with. But hopefully at some point they might come to recognise some of these ladies in other situations.

And if not, no harm done, except to the edges of the books.

I hope adults will buy these books for boys as well. Suspect they won’t.


One response to “Baby feminist

  1. You really have the most captivating titles to your posts, which havent let me down yet either! God bless.

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