ABC board books

Chris Ferrie of ‘Science’ for babies fame is also responsible for a few ABC board books. As with the other books, the age they will suit is mixed. But I reckon you can start a little sooner, because they have words on three levels. And the more advanced level demands a fair bit of the reader.

But they are still board books. And they are not your normal ABCs. The three that Daughter – yes, her again – just had to get, are ABCs of Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Chris Ferrie, ABCs of Physics

Instead of D being for Dog, it is actually Doppler Effect, Division and Diffraction, as any sane person will know.

The first level simply states ‘D is for …’ while the second level has a brief explanation, and the third level a longer one. I could see that a child might be sufficiently interested in particular pages and therefore be ready to move up a level or two, sooner than you’d think, just because it looked fun.

But what do I know? Not a lot about diffraction, anyway.

Just think how intelligent your baby will be. In fact, they will overtake their adults before long.

And I need a child.


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