Changing what we like

We are all mostly set in our ways, and we don’t want to change. Do we?

Fussy Freda in Julia Jarman’s book, with illustrations by Fred Blunt, certainly knows what she likes. I mean, what she doesn’t like. There is rather a lot Freda doesn’t eat. At all.

Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt, Fussy Freda

And if you don’t eat, then… Told in rhyme, we see Freda’s family trying to tempt her to eat, until the day when… well it’s too horrible to tell.

Let’s just say that common sense has something to do with it.

In Steve Antony’s Unplugged, a black and white tale about Blip who likes her screen time a little too much, it takes another drastic interruption to sort her out. It’s amazing what ‘no power’ will do to someone addicted to screen play.

Steve Antony, Unplugged

You might even be forced to go out there and do normal stuff. You might even like it.

Fresh air, and friends, and suddenly colour enters your life.

Let’s hope these two cautionary tales will give parents hope when it looks as if nothing will make their little ones change.


4 responses to “Changing what we like

  1. That fussy eater sounds a lot like Marlene McKean from my book I Do Not Eat the Colour Green, illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain. Mine has a happy ending when she tries a green grape – and likes it!

  2. Poor Freda has a rather traumatic thing happen to her. I’m not surprised it made her more open-minded.
    Grapes are nice. As are [good] blueberries, as was discovered somewhere near me.

  3. I didn’t know yours, Lynne, but the more the munchier! Loved your feature on Shakespeare too.

  4. Thanks, Julia! I’m intrigued to know what terrible fate awaits poor Freda. I will have to take a trip down to my local Waterstones to find out…

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