Your inner Mike

Last time Andrew Norriss had a ghost. In his new novel Mike, it is more a voice, although according to one witness, Mike is quite good-looking, so has a body too.

Floyd is the next Andy Murray. The 15-year-old plays tennis very well indeed and his future looks both obvious and great. But he keeps seeing things. Well, to be precise, he keeps seeing Mike, and it’s hard to concentrate on your serve when someone is walking across the tennis court.

His extremely tennis-minded family gets disturbed by Mike’s presence, and before long Floyd is seeing a psychologist. A real one, not imagined. Talking through the problem that is Mike, he learns a number of useful facts.

Andrew Norriss, Mike

I won’t say what Floyd does next, or even what Mike has to say, but it’s interesting. Andrew claims this is a true story, albeit with many fictional aspects to it. I believe this is why in some ways it feels different from a ‘normal’ novel. At the same time, it’s anything but normal, as I don’t reckon it’s possible for most of us to be seen so promptly by specialists, and ones who are reasonably useful and intelligent, at that.

Even if you are not a tennis prodigy, or anyone else with access to great health care, the message in this books is a good one, and it’s well worth thinking about your life before you need a Mike.

I certainly felt better for having met Floyd’s Mike.

2 responses to “Your inner Mike

  1. Thanks for flagging this one up! I loved Jessica’s ghost, I’ll definitely get my hands on Mike!

  2. Do you feel that is that appropriate?

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