A world gone bananas

A friend reported buying reduced bananas in her local Coop. They had masses of barely ripe ones, but with that day’s date, and at such a good price that my friend bought as many as she imagined her family could eat, before the bananas really did go off.

Good for her, but it is crazy.

In Gary’s Banana Drama by Jane Massey, we meet Gary (he’s some sort of monkey, or ape, or whatever they should be called to be pc) who loves bananas. I don’t think he’d ever find that his Coop could have too many.

Jane Massey, Gary's Banana Drama

He eats and he eats, and after much eating there are no bananas left.

Gary looks for bananas everywhere, and he finds them. Or so he thinks. I suspect he’s hallucinating after too many bananas, because these are not bananas at all.

And then he finds a way to banana heaven, but then he actually decides to change.

To grapes.


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