Do you eat chicken?

Not if I can see it coming.

Many years ago when attending an annual lunch with a group of people in connection with the Resident IT Consultant’s past, I always warned hosts about us not eating meat. While preferring to be vegetarian, life is easier if [some] fish can be tolerated, so I’m fairly sure I just said we don’t eat meat. Which will be why one host-to-be phoned up to ask if we would eat chicken.

I had to admit that this was unlikely, but that I could bring some meat-free hot dogs if it would make her life easier.

An author, who is very dear to me, once told the story of when she was cooking lunch for another author, and how everything was going just swimmingly until the vegetarian guest watched in horror as her hostess added chicken stock to the pot. I suppose she was on auto-chef.

I never asked what happened after that. Did she eat it? Was the meal abandoned?

We have friends. Yes, really. Although possibly not for long, if they read this. We went there for dinner the other night, and it was a lovely meal. Much finer cuisine than we are able to offer guests. And then one of us had to ask what the chef had put in the sauce…

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