The cave of secrets

Or Den hemlighetsfulla grottan, as the title for this book – set in my holiday world – is in the original Swedish. The book, which I’d love to see translated, is a quiet fantasy adventure, set in today’s Haverdal with time-travelling to the past. I reckon that’s the best way to learn while also having fun. I’ve certainly discovered a lot about Haverdal’s past, which I’d previously been far too lazy to investigate.

Ingrid Magnusson Rading, Den hemlighetsfulla grottan

We have young Saga who’s staying with her grandparents for a week, and she ends up experiencing rather more than one sunny week near the beach usually offers. Her lovely grandmother gives her a magic stone, and with its help Saga travels to the past, where she somehow becomes Ellika, a young girl at the time, living with her large family in impoverished circumstances. And you know what they say about walking in someone else’s footwear. Although, shoes or boots are not plentiful in Ellika’s life.

Saga travels back and forth, and once she’s finished with the 17th century, it’s time for a visit to the quarries of a hundred years ago. Life was hard then, too, even if it wasn’t quite as bad as in the 1600s.

That magic stone has much to answer for. Life today might not have been what it is without it.

And what I said about a translation, was so tourists can also read the book and learn about the place they are visiting. It’s far more fun than your average tourism leaflet. If I was a child today, I’d love to be able to read a novel set all around me.

2 responses to “The cave of secrets

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  2. I heard about the grandmother (I think) who bought the book and read the first two chapters to her granddaughters, until they took matters into their own hands and said they were probably better to read it themselves.

    The next morning their mum was pleased they were sleeping in, when in actual fact they were reading in bed, under the covers.

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