Skulduggery Pleasant – Midnight

It looks like Derek Landy’s planning to go on. I’d had a notion that Midnight, the 11th Skulduggery Pleasant novel, was going to be the end. The second end, after Derek resurrected Skulduggery in, erm, Resurrection. If you can do that with a skeleton.

Derek Landy, Midnight

Anyway, in Midnight our favourite skeleton detective is alive, sort of, and well and kicking. There is a stream of mortal refugees coming into Roarhaven, and China Sorrows is nowhere to be seen, when Arbiters Pleasant and Cain seek her. So there’s that.

Poor Omen Darkly is back at school, feeling bored and hoping for a new adventure with his heroes. Friendless and in love, he can’t concentrate on his exams, and that call from Valkyrie doesn’t come until, well, until it comes, and his task is not a nice one…

In other parts of the magic world Skulduggery’s old flame Abyssinia is causing trouble, as is Cadaverous Gant, and the Plague Doctor and his little group.

I reckon Derek can keep writing these books for a long time. ‘Normal’ life can be incorporated into magic Ireland. For instance, he didn’t have to have refugees coming, but it’s good to see this nod to our world. And as long as there is a madman in the Oval Office, Skulduggery and Valkyrie have to keep going.

And so do we.

These books are still magic, and very funny, barring the odd gruesome death or injury to people who I am sure deserved it.

By the way, Valkyrie’s little sister Alice is a most interesting girl.

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