Childhood covers

Freda M Hurt - Andy books

I didn’t even remember the author’s name – Freda M Hurt – but the books have stayed with me. Especially the ‘rule’ quoted in Andy Gets the Blame, whereby twins don’t save on buying Christmas presents, because while they can share their gifts to others, they still ‘have to’ buy each other a present… Odd how very weird little things remain in one’s mind for half a century.

When hunting these books out again, I was struck by how much like Blyton’s George Kirrin Andy looks, and it’s not surprising since the same cover artist was used, H Baldorf Berg.

The Andy series of books number about ten adventures, from the mid-1950s to the middle of the 1960s. I liked them a lot. I only own two, but will have borrowed others from the library. Trying to find out more, I discovered that they only appear on French Wikipedia, but it seems Freda wrote several children’s books series as well as adult books.

Did anyone else read these?


3 responses to “Childhood covers

  1. Yes! I had completely forgotten them till I read this, but the names Freda M Hurt and Andy instantly rang a bell. When I looked up the article I remembered Clever Mr Twink too.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one. I’m guessing it’s a bit of a generation thing, and no one reads them now.

  3. Had a copy of Andy in Danger for years, read it over and over. Loved the tone of the book and the characters. Impossible to get them now it seems.

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