Where do you go, Birdy Jones?

Adults don’t always tell children as much as they should. As much as they need to hear. As much as they deserve to know.

Joanna Nadin’s new book, Where do you go, Birdy Jones? shows this all too well. 11-year-old Birdy has a lot of thoughts about her life and where she belongs, and it doesn’t feel as if it’s with her dad and stepmum, although her younger half-sister is not too bad.

Joanna Nadin, Where do you go, Birdy Jones?

Birdy loves the pigeons her Grandpa keeps, and she likes her friend Dogger. But she doesn’t know what to write when her school homework is about who she is.

Because the adults don’t say anything much at all, Birdy eventually works out who she is, with the help of a new friend at school. But is it the right working out? And why does her dad have such a problem with Dogger?

Children have a right to know, even the fairly adult facts. If there is a problem, it will only grow as the child grows older. There is never a good time to tell because you should have done it already.

This is such a lovely story and Birdy is a wonderfully strong girl, even if she barks up a few wrong trees. It’s enough to make you cry.

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