Guess who came for tea?

Guest no. 2

The advantage with having only two guests for Earl Grey and raspberry cake is that it leaves so many more people to ‘mention’ in conversation.

Although it appears that some people consider [fresh] raspberries far too healthy. (Not when accompanied by sugar and butter in vast quantities they aren’t.)

I wore my green spotted top, calculating that any excess in pattern would be out-done by what turned out to be a banana shirt. So I was right. Especially if you factor in the outsize – and I mean outsize – glasses. Banana-shirt’s companion for the afternoon was wearing a lovely, and normal, outfit.

Guest no. 1

The Resident IT Consultant found us so interesting that he hung around for quite some time, learning all manner of unsuitable things, and sharing some himself.

We talked about old dogs, learning to drive, cursed schools, Indian restaurants in Glasgow, unspeakable stuff in school science in the ‘olden’ days, stalking, coding, getting lost, Jamie Oliver. That sort of thing.

And, gosh, but I forgot all the rest. At my age it’s so easily done.

They stayed for a long time, and I have to say I liked that. It gave us so much time for exchanging facts. Next time I will bake potato chip cake, or something equally unhealthy. (Only joking. It will be broccoli.) And I might lock the door.

My guests also made a contribution to Swedish politics without batting an eyelid. Much appreciated.

But, oh my head! It’s so full of stuff that I can’t ever share.

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