Summer reads

I can’t tell* you how many emails I have received in the last couple of weeks, all about reading in the school holidays. Or about books with activities to do now that it is summer and rather boring. (It’s clearly all about English school holidays. Scottish children have been bored for weeks already, with no [fresh] active help from the publishing world.)

*Well, I suppose I could, if I looked through my Bookwitch email folder, but I’m not going to.

IKEA, that well-known bookshop, seems hellbent on getting its customers to buy reading furniture. Things like armchairs, lights, bookcases. Understandable. And in the home country school will start again soon enough.

Discovered that IKEA Wembley has a reading room. Had, as it’s already over. Something to do with the Man Booker. People could come in and sit in the comfy reading chairs and read for an hour and then take the book home.

(The next Wembley craziness is to teach customers to eat crayfish.)

Among my many emails was one from IKEA, telling me about the lovely furniture I could buy. It looked like all other emails of its kind. But then I had to shake my head a little and double-check I was not mistaken, for they recommended the top five YA reads. It was like stumbling into one of the Bookwitch emails. Or like when Google knows what I’m up to, so tells everyone else, but instead of M&S pyjamas it was actually books.

IKEA's recommended books

Seems they felt it was their duty to help customers equip their young ones with something to do once they had a pouffe to sit on.

Very odd. Not wrong. Just odd.

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