Teri Terry's Dark Matter trilogy

Contagion, Deception, and now Evolution. Teri Terry’s Scottish dystopia has finally come to an end. I know – roughly – how things came about. And I’m obviously not telling you. But it was more or less as I thought, based on what happened at the very beginning. One should always pay attention, even when it’s rather unclear what’s going on.

And those cats. They knew what was what.

Megalomania is never good, and people do bad things to others. A charismatic megalomaniac is even worse, and that’s what we have here.

I know I’m unlikely to have survived what happens in these books, if it had happened in real life. But at least it was only 80% or so who died. It’s quite easy to get so caught up by the ‘adventure’ or the ‘mystery’ that you forget that reality check where there’s a lot of death and much unhappiness and suffering because of it.

But it’s been exciting, and entertaining, and when you’re inside the head of someone not quite as sane as you’d like, it can be hard to actually realise that you’re being manipulated too.

For anyone who’s yet to read this trilogy, you’ve got about a thousand pages of death and destruction, with much courage and a bit of romance  thrown in. It’s good.

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