Young reading


‘I didn’t know it was your birthday,’ said the Resident IT Consultant as he handed me the post. It wasn’t, but the envelope had the looks of card about it. I couldn’t even think that there was a reason for a thank you card.

But it seems there was. It was from the same young lady who sent me such a beautiful witch portrait some time ago.

I’m grateful to her, because she reads. She’s also a little difficult, because to my conservative mind she reads too early, by which I mean she’s up for books before I’m ready to think of them.

This is obviously a good thing, and I’m pleased that a little bit of my surplus is finding a willing and able reader. It makes me want to push evermore books at her, but at a distance this can be hard. You never know what will be right.

And I don’t want to push books too soon. Although, now that I think about some of them, they are not ones I will part with. I can only suggest that this reader’s adults finds them for her. But surely it will be a few years at least?

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