True Sisters

Sisters. Who’s a true sister? It could be your actual sister, or someone else, or both. You don’t even need to have a sister to have a sister.

Keren David, True Sisters

Keren David’s True Sisters for Barrington Stoke is a short tale about sisters and friends, and how families work. Ruby has had lots of siblings, because her mum fosters children in need. Clara is the latest of them, and even though she has a blood sister, she doesn’t relate well to either Ruby or her mum. Her background has just been too weird; the kind of situation you might read about in the papers.

This has everything. There are family issues, there are race issues, and sexual orientation issues, as well as the common garden teen issues of growing up.

True Sisters should appeal both to readers with nothing much to worry about, but also to anyone who does feel they are having problems, or being the odd one at school.

I liked it very much.

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