At least I got a walk

Can I just ask? Does this look like an event?

Event at Waterstones?

Does it look like an event where there would be no technical difficulties in letting intending audiences know that it’s been cancelled?

I hate Eventbrite. But I have believed that one of its advantages is that everyone who signed up for an event would be easily contactable in case they have some news.

Instead, the only place I eventually discovered that my event at Waterstones in Stirling last night had been cancelled, was on Twitter. It’s not the kind of place I head to, to check my event hasn’t been cancelled, before I head to the event. I suppose I should. I can’t see why, though. I don’t even have to be on Twitter to have booked the event. That was all on Waterstones website, and Eventbrite.

Waterstones non-event

But as I said, I got a walk out of it. It didn’t rain. And it helped me think about the future.


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