Read eat travel

I read three books yesterday.

I also discovered there is no such thing as a free lunch. Late. I know. So was the lunch, and it was free – it always is – but it had shrunk to minuscule proportions, even for others not as hungry as I was. Next time I’ll take a packed lunch to this restaurant.

It involved travelling, but the best kind; daytime trains within Central Scotland, outside the festival season. And there was no snow. But that didn’t actually mean the trains ran, or to time. Got to Edinburgh all right, with only the other trains cancelled. As my disappointed stomach and I tried to get home, however… First train cancelled. Second train cancelled. Third train not cancelled, but two coaches taking care of three trains’ worth of passengers? I don’t think so.

I waited for the delayed – and getting ever more delayed – Inverness train. It wasn’t delayed for the same reason all the other trains got cancelled. No, it had to do with vehicle hitting a bridge ‘earlier.’ They kept adding minutes. In the end, me and another four hungry lunching ladies only had to wait an extra 50 minutes. The others actually needed to travel all the way to Inverness, too.

But at least I had my books. When packing all three, I sort of felt it was overkill, but what’s one more book between friends?

Finished the third book a minute before the train pulled into Stirling.

I’ll take four next time. And a sandwich.

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