Rennie McOwan

Rennie McOwan died in early October. He was a children’s author who lived a few minutes away from us, whose Light on Dumyat was reissued a couple of years ago. If you recall, it’s a Famous Five style adventure, set on Dumyat, in the Ochils, above Stirling

I knew a little bit about him, both from the press release in 2016, and from the Resident IT Consultant, who was a fan. They even went walking together, a long time ago. And while I always hoped to run into Rennie in our neighbourhood, I don’t believe I did. Whereas the Resident IT Consultant found him in the library one morning. That’s the real man, not his book.

The Stirling Observer published a lovely obituary last week, telling me so much more about his life. He converted to Catholicism, met the Pope and was horrified to discover that the Vatican wrote its press releases in Latin.

It looks like most of the Scottish papers published ‘the same’ obituary, and I’m hoping the link to this one works. I always like finding out more about people, but wish it could have been while they were still alive. Good to know, though, that Rennie had such a long and interesting life, and that there was much more to him than his Dumyat adventure for children. The Swede in me highly approves of his efforts to make the right to roam in Scotland a legal right.

The funeral is today.

Rennie McOwan in the Stirling Observer

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