On walking and reading

So, I have already told you I read a bit when on the trains to Vienna last week. Didn’t read a single word when actually in Vienna. Instead I walked until I ached. The disadvantage with Daughter being in possession of one of those fitbit things is that I found out how many steps I had [most likely] walked as well.


Glen Coe

But the week before that, that was very different. I allowed the Resident IT Consultant to convey us both to Glen Coe, where we spent a few days at the HF walking centre. For those who’d like to know, HF stands for Husbands Found. (It worked for the Grandmother, many decades ago.)

The Resident IT Consultant went there to walk. I went to read. A full two days plus an afternoon in which to sit and do nothing but read. No dishwashers to empty, no blog posts to write. It was lovely.

HF Glen Coe

The only drawback to me channeling my inner Lucy Mangan in this way, was that it’s such a friendly set-up. In the morning people ask where you are thinking of going that day. ‘Over to that sofa to read,’ is not what they expect to hear. In the evening they ask where one went that day. ‘Absolutely nowhere,’ is not what they expect to hear.

But it was the rest – to my soul – that I required.

For the return drive home, the Resident IT Consultant almost forgot himself and offered me an outing somewhere. On realising this wasn’t what he was supposed to say, he Googled a bit (in the olden days they didn’t even have television there!), and found a café with a bookshop in the exact spot where you’d need something like that for your elevenses. So that’s where we went.

Ben Lora café and bookshop

Most civilised it was. The Ben Lora café and bookshop in Benderloch has the best of both worlds; books and newly baked scones. First we ate the scones and then we looked at their books.

Ben Lora café and bookshop

Nice selection of Scottish books, and only slightly disconcerting to find many of them were by people who have lunched at Bookwitch Towers.

Ben Lora café and bookshop

When we could manage no more scones we continued the drive home. It’s the kind of café where people come in to buy scones to take out. I would if I lived there. They had so many flavours!


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