Scott’s been. And gone. With the bin.

I must start by saying I have a generally favourable opinion of DPD. Rob and John and David and all the others have delivered many parcels with great success.

But… yesterday as 13.46 drew near, I went to track Scott and his van, and his two deliveries before me. A puzzle, that, but still. At 13.47 or thereabouts he drove past my study window – which for clarity’s sake is the address he was aiming for. Tracking system said he had one delivery before me, across the road. He didn’t stop, and it did seem unlikely.

Around 13.50 the tracking system had Scott outside no. 4 of the next street, which has a very similar name to ours. Another minute or so, and the email pinged to say DPD were sorry to have missed me. Not as sorry as I was, seeing the photo Scott took of the house where I wasn’t in. I’m usually not in in houses where I don’t live.

Your witch even ran out to see if van and man could be prevented from leaving the wrong house, but they’d bin and gone.

Noticed DPD have chat, so decided to chat – scream, really – at them:

Explained what had happened. They explained that outside the allotted time they can’t redeliver. I explained again. They ‘were really sorry they were unable to help through this channel.’

Then they welcomed me back to chat (!) and asked if I still needed help with my parcel. I said I wanted a response to what I’d told them. ‘Can you try asking it a different way?’

I replied that since they are a machine, I didn’t believe this would have an effect. ‘Although I am not human, I am well trained and am able to help.’

‘Send the van back here then, before it’s too late.’

‘I’m sorry I don’t understand that. Could you re-phrase the question or choose one of the options below please?’

I was uncharitable enough to end chat at this point. They wanted feedback. I gave them one star.

And I’d so looked forward to welcoming the new bin to the Bookwitch household.


3 responses to “Scott’s been. And gone. With the bin.

  1. How INFURIATING!!!! ( Oh sorry, I meant to leave this comment on a page almost the same as yours but one address over….)

  2. Huh. You’ve bin over there, have you?

  3. So, for the redelivery the following day, I sent the Resident IT Consultant to sit outside the house – our house – during the allotted hour. Scott was late, and he came a funny way. As he drove past the house it was clear he wasn’t intending to stop.
    I flagged him down, and he pretended it had been someone else the previous day. But we relieved him of what was ours.

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