Messages and mannequins


After so many moans about all the peddling in the world, I have been rewarded with a [Guardian] headline using the word pedalled. Wrongly, but at least they used it. ‘How to monetise your home – the ugly message pedalled by Netflix.’

No, I don’t know what it means, either. Also not sure what Netflix actually looks like, but I am trying to visualise it – them? – on a bike. Even several bikes. If they were in Scotland, they just might be getting the shopping by bike.

In the days after Halloween, I read about Susan Hill’s childhood in Scarborough (also in the Guardian). I find Susan somewhat scary anyway, and the time of year didn’t help.

I asked the Resident IT Consultant if I’d misunderstood the meaning of the word mannequin. He thought the same as I did. I then asked Google, who also seemed to be on our wavelength. But I don’t know Scarborough at all, and not as it was in the past.

So, little Susan often spent mornings with her mother and her mother’s friends having coffee in the posh department store in the town, where ‘mannequins paraded through the restaurant.’


(It’s a bit Doctor Who, wouldn’t you say?)


2 responses to “Messages and mannequins

  1. Ah, there was a brief period when mannequin meant fashion model, as in the person who walks down a catwalk (or through a store) dressed in the latest fashion. It was only later it came to be used only for plastic models.

  2. Yes, the Swedish for catwalk model is mannekäng. This was why I checked whether my understanding of the English use was too narrow. But there was no mention of the human version. I do hope they were what Susan encountered, though.

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