The burning question

It appears I’m not the only one who is exhausted. Because hard though it is to be holding on to a tiger – even a small one – by the tail, it seems that the bloggers and vloggers who make money from their online job are quickly burning out now.

I guess a tiger with money is far harder to hang on to. As long as there is no, or little money, involved, you can always let go. It might be upsetting, and disappointing. It could be the end to something you love, unless you could pick it up again after a rest.

But if it’s become your only/main source of income, and pretty decent income at that? It’s not only difficult to say goodbye to this. You need to know how to replace that income.

When I read about the vloggers and their burn-out I admit to a little schaden-freude. But not much. I think our shared experience makes for more sympathy than I’d thought I could feel for these young and beautiful online successes with their enormous followings and big bank accounts.

The stress of always having something new to talk about to an insatiable audience can be hard to deal with. Even when you do have something, you still need to whip it into shape and make it presentable. Whether that’s every day, ten times a day or once a week, the regular demands can be relentless.

I’m so glad I’m unpaid! (Besides, I wouldn’t recommend that lipstick to anyone.)

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