Made in…

‘Read the first paragraph,’ said the Resident IT Consultant. ‘It’s what makes me so angry with the Guardian.’

Guardian cutting

So I read and I could sort of see his point. What kind of mother takes her small child to the seaside to build sandcastles on a freezing January day? Britain might be bad for reliable summer weather, but that is definitely when you should try this. Even if it rains and is chillier than you deserve. (Besides, you can always go to Spain, instead. 😉)

It was part of the Guardian Review’s weekly column ‘Made in’ where authors are invited to write briefly about where they grew up and how it shaped them as people and as authors. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and whether they have been people I know or not, it’s been good. Some have had dreadful childhoods, others fairly average ones, and some have been really lucky to grow up in paradise.

But it seems it wasn’t the midwinter sandcastles the Resident IT Consultant had objected to. It was the spelling of Arran with just the one r, making it Aran and more Irish than maybe it should have been. For him it was more than the Grauniad tendency to misspell everything, and more that the subeditors are uneducated [and don’t know their islands].

Just goes to show how we value things differently.

I was willing to overlook the Arran conundrum, but can’t get past the idea that the beach in winter was meant to be a treat. Yes, the sea is always nice. But sandcastles..?

I wish Janice Galloway every success with her new book, Jellyfish. And at least I had heard of her. The Resident IT Consultant had not.


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