Sounding better

You might recall that I like interior magazines.

Recently there has been advice on soundproofing your home, and on what [expensive] speakers you could buy. It’s mind-boggling how much you might pay for speakers. Hopefully they are good, as well as good looking.

But not for me.

Nor, I thought, was the advice on removing unwanted echoes in rooms. The trend of having no curtains obviously makes rooms noisier. So they were suggesting throwing any number of textiles at these rooms instead.

I was aghast as I read about the thick rugs and carpets, the fluffy throws and the abundance of cushions I didn’t want. Thought to myself that I seem to be fine without them. I mean, my noises (sorry for mentioning them) seem to be not too troublesome.

But wait, what’s this? You could put bookcases – with books in them – into rooms. Apparently books deaden unwanted sounds. Who knew?

So, phew, and all that, but I am OK after all. I have books almost everywhere except in the bathroom.

It’s just a bit upsetting to see a suggestion that you’d not have books in the first place, but that you would put some in, as noise prevention.

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