Doing it wrong

£250? Really? It seems that’s what I should charge for a post on Bookwitch.

I took part in a blog survey a while back, and have now been sent the results, and see that I am doing most of it wrong. I’m too old. This is not my main source of income. I use too much time per week on this, my little hobby. And, er, it’s on the wrong subject. Books do not feature as the top half dozen.

Probably not even the next half dozen, either, to be honest. In some way I can’t get my head round this. What else but books could a person want to write about? And how could I tell people I’d like them to pay me money for writing a blog post? I barely let anyone near the witchy ‘print works’ as it is.

Compared to the £250, the [publisher’s] cost of a book plus postage is small change, and I Must Stop Feeling Guilty! Just think how much an advertisement for that same book would be in the press.

When I’d got this far, I happened to read about the children earning vast amounts of money on YouTube and the like, where they either just look cute, or they open boxes of toys and look cute at the same time. Or they get sent designer clothes in the hopes that they will appear online wearing them.

Even the £250 is beginning to look puny.

I’m not cute. I might have been 62 years ago, but haven’t worn well. So I’ll review  your next book for free. If it’s a good book.

As I’m thinking of possibly heading into a bookshop today, this could prove an expensive day. Except, I just remembered I vowed to not get into the Water-stones lift again.

Hmm. Well maybe I’ll only go and pick up my free roll of food waste bags from the council, then. And I need some Euros. I’d be happy to review them for free. Except, I also vowed to not return to our M&S Bank…

It’ll have to be the Post Office, where just the other day they were surprised by the sudden run on International Driver’s Licences. It’s not easy, is it?

3 responses to “Doing it wrong


    We are getting older my friend and the worl is a funny place these days. Let’s not forget an ugly cat on Utube made a couple filthy rich 🤑

  2. Love this! Thanks, I laughed out loud.

  3. The Post Office tried to tell me I couldn’t use my foreign ID card to identify myself with. When they asked their computer, it was discovered that actually, I could.

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