Apollo in the news

Did I ever think that Apollo 11 would become history? Probably not. Back then it seemed like a bit of news. Extremely exciting news, but not history. I already knew I’d be frightfully elderly at 44 by the year 2000. Thinking ahead to 50 years after the moon landing was an impossibility.

Apart from being really interesting, what Apollo 11 – and some of the Apollos before it, and all the ones after – did was make me read newspapers and watch the news on television. All in the hopes of discovering more moon facts, or more astronauts.

And while doing so, I happened to begin reading other stuff in the papers (and not just ‘interesting accidents’). And the news on television; it had a lot more to it than before, somehow. I almost became well versed in current affairs, and learned to recognise politicians, something that by now seems an unfortunate thing, but never mind.

I suppose what I’m saying is that having been gripped by moon fever, my horizons broadened. And this is good. It doesn’t have to be the moon, but it could be. In fact, perhaps there are young ones right now, having their eyes opened by all the Apollo chat everywhere, on television and in books.

And there really are so many books about it…

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