The pick-me-up

I had been feeling a little less enthusiastic about things for a few days. I can’t deny it.

Card Daphne

And then the postman came bearing, not more books, but a card from the young lady who occasionally sends me cards. I pass on some books to her, she reads them and sends me a card. Not necessary in the least, but there is no stopping polite young ladies, and it is very nice when they read books.

You might recall my recent cull. I went further than ever and actually gave away some of my most favourite books. In this case it was Debi Gliori’s Witch Baby books, all four of them. I felt that they would be in good hands if I let this particular young reader have them, and it seems I was right.

Card Daphne

Her card-making abilities are impressive, and I’m sure the postman enjoyed the envelope. I’d like to think that everyone who helped send it my way enjoyed its distinct address.

Card Daphne

So, yeah, I feel a bit chirpier.

One response to “The pick-me-up

  1. It’s so nice to get personal note! As a teacher, reading the letters and cards that the children write for me is my favourite bit of the end of the school year.

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